Set time free

STORY is a levitating timepiece that travels through the air, allowing you to personalize your most unique journeys.


Count minutes, hours, months and even years  

STORY is a levitating timepiece that orbits around a wooden base, counting the hours, minutes or even years. It is more than just a clock; it’s a unique way to visualize time.

An intricate dance of magnetic magic guides the chrome sphere while it moves around its orbit. Starting at the 12 O’Clock position, STORY will complete one full orbit at the interval of your choice


STORY Special features

LED Matrix
STORY’s LED matrix display illuminates through the surface of the wood. The LED Matrix Display can be set to permanently ON, OFF or display through motion.


Backlit Display

For extended features, connect STORY to the cloud for using our mobile app and illuminate realtime meteorological data thorough STORY’s backlit display.

• Display Moon Phases
• Illuminate Sunrise / Sunset
• Display Temperature through color
• Additional custom features


Multiple orientations
STORY can levitate horizontally, vertically or at a 60 degree angle.


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